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Empowering Conservative Constitutionalists to Collaborate


Patriots Connect at a Glance

Mutual support for body, mind and soul is needed more than ever for upholders of the constitution

 During this time of crises, many freedom fighters are pouring their resources into saving American from socialism and worse. We need to find ways to help each other so that we can stay strong, connected, and energies. Burn out can be prevented. More people want to and need to help--they just need to know how. 


Ways We Help

Practical, tried and true methods that help people network and provide mutual support especially during these trying times of election fraud

Trustworthy resources

We help you find dependable sources of news and organizations to support

With this initiative, our goal is to continually keep you posted about the initiatives that we think would be best for you to be involved in and pay attention to for maximum achievement


Daily conference calls

Network and collaborate

We will be hosting conference calls with a simple format that ensures that everyone gets equal time to connect in ways that encourage and empower participants to do the work they feel drawn to do as well as build friendships.



Support for this essential action

We provide sources of prayer ministries who are praying specifically for our country and the issues we are facing at this pivotal time in history.


 All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. — 

Edmund Burke


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Get in touch with Patriots Connect to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.

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